As an evolutionary biologist, my research passions gravitate around ornithology, parasitology, and disease ecology. I’m interested in understanding host-parasite interactions over time and across space, and how parasitic infections affect the life-history components of their hosts. My research combines two groups of organisms with magnificent life-history strategies: birds and their haemosporidian parasites – a group of protozoans that includes the infamous pathogens that cause malaria (Plasmodium sp.) in several vertebrate species . Avian haemosporidian parasites are ubiquitous in nature, making this a suitable study-system to ask questions related to host-pathogen ecology and evolution. Currently, most questions I ask relate to determining how individual birds cope with infections and demanding life-cycle stages (e.g. reproduction and migration), as well as to estimating the effects of these pathogens in bird populations.

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leticiassoares[at]gmail.com or soaresl[at]slu.edu
Department of Biology, Saint Louis University
Saint Louis, MO – 63103

PhD in Ecology, Evolution & Systematics, University of Missouri St Louis USA
MSc in Ecology, National Institute for Amazonian Research, Brazil
BSc in Biology, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil